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Farm Club 31st March 2014

Monday 31st March | 3 comments

Today we seived some stones out of one of the largest raised beds. This will improve the soil for the plants.

We potted on the small tomatoes into larger pots. The stems are fragile so we had to be careful and hold onto the roots and leaves rather than squeezing the stem. We buried the stems a bit to encourage more root growth.

2014-03-31 15.53.48

2014-03-31 15.53.51

We showed Mr Carr, the new gardener, how to clean out the chickens.

We turned some compost into a new large compost bay that we had cleared of gravel. We had to be strong because the wheelbarrows were heavy and it was very muddy! One wheel barrow had a flat tyre! Near the bottom of the compost heap, it looked more rotten and like soil. It is nearly ready! The chicken poo will add good nutrients to the compost.

3 responses to “Farm Club 31st March 2014”

  1. rebeccahowells says:

    There is a cardinal sin/non-negotiable in video 1. Who was stepping on a raised bed…? It is tricky on those big beds, but we need to use planks to spread our weight and not compact the soil.

    Apart from that, well done Farm Club on a busy afternoon of work!

  2. peterharris says:

    I liked alice in the viedo beacause she was funny.

  3. peterharris says:

    Mr carr sure looks buisy.


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