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Preparing the ‘Salad Bar’

Monday 28th April | No comments yet

Today we started our ‘Salad bar’ for 2014. Last year’s soil felt very dry and dusty. We added lots of new compost and ‘soil improver’ donated by Yorkshire Water. We also added plenty of water.

2014-04-28 16.06.44





2014-04-28 16.19.08


We got a range of salad seeds and sowed in a quarter of the area. We will sow seeds every week this half term so that the salad is ready at different times in July and August.  We hope that lots of children will try our different lettuces.

2014-04-28 16.37.22


It was very hot today in the polytunnel – 32 degrees centigrade when we were in there. The soil felt very warm. The warmth should help the seeds to germinate.

We also added compost to other beds, did some weeding and fed ‘chickweed’ to the chickens (donated by Ivy’s mum).

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