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Farm Club June 16th 2014

Monday 16th June | 3 comments

The club worked really hard this afternoon and spent most of the time weeding. We did some weeding of our rhubarb plantation and our planned pumpkin patch. We had to keep weed seeds out of our compost. We used a hoe when we could, but most of the time it was hand pulling. We also tried to be kind and weeded a couple of plots from the Community Gardens – we hope they are pleased!

As a treat at the end we went to visit the chickens and fed them some corn. Mr Sharp was with us this week and he enjoyed the chickens bit best!


What I like best is just ‘pottering’ around the garden and chatting in the sunshine…  Farm Club children are great company and we have a very pleasant time talking as we work. We had to concentrate today to make sure that we spotted the weeds amongst the crops and we learnt to identify quite a few different plants – welcome and unwelcome! We tried to find long ‘tap roots’.

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3 responses to “Farm Club June 16th 2014”

  1. peterharris says:

    It is hard work weeding, but we have to do it because the crops need it.


  2. peterharris says:

    i love the rocket in the salad bar LJ

  3. peterharris says:

    Weeding is very fun but the hardest thing is to make sure you get the roots out.


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