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Farm Club installs new irrigation for polytunnels

March 17, 2020 at 9:35 pm

The older children of Farm Club – Joey, Jacob, Alex, Gabriella, Gracie and Abigail – have been working hard over the winter completing the ‘soaker hose’ irrigation system for Polytunnel 1 started by Barclays, and installing a similar system in Polytunnel 2 from scratch. We used very hot water to soften the tubing to fit valves and loppers to cut the hose. Gracie, Gabriella and Jacob liked digging a trench along the end of the polytunnel to bury the hose; they enjoyed lining up a collection of things that they found in the trench soil. Each bed has a valve so that we can switch them on and off. The system irrigates the soil very slowly but should be a much easier and more efficient way to hydrate the soil and water the plants.

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